Sydhikers Hike Disclaimer

Please understand that during hikes of the Sydhikers Club in which members participate, certain risks and dangers may arise including but not limited to hiking or traveling in remote areas, animals, forces of nature, accidents and illness.

The Sydhikers Club does not undertake and does not have any responsibility for the accuracy of any information it provides or to determine or assure the suitability of any hike driver, vehicle or any other event or activity of the Sydhikers Club, in general or as to a particular person.

The Sydhikers Club has no duty to provide medical assistance or advice to any hiker. All persons who participate in any hike or other activity of the Sydhikers Club accept responsibility for making their own determinations as to the suitability of the activity and for their own safety, conduct and well-being and agree to participate solely at their own risk.

In consideration of the right to participate in any hikes or other activities of the Sydhikers Club, members should assume the risk associated with these activities and will hold the Sydhikers Club, its officers, directors, hike leaders and agents harmless from and defend them against any and all liability, actions, suits, claims and demands which could arise from any of the club’s activities and from any loss or injury which a member may sustain as a result of their participation in any of these activities. This agreement shall also serve as a release of liability and assumption of risk by the members, and is intended to be binding on their heirs, administrators, executors and all members of my family.

Sydhikers also takes photos and pictures during hikes which might be shared on social media, Sydhikers reserve the rights on the videos, pictures, audio and other content taken during their hikes.

Members should understand that they are responsible for their well being and safety and should ensure Social Distancing and should not join the walk if they are feeling sick.

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