President’s Message

We started off this group with a bunch of friends with a soul intention of fun and getting away from un healthy ‘meetups’. Our core idea was to explore the stunning beauty of Australia while stay connected and meet new people.


Quickly we started growing as more and more like minded people started joining us. We never expected that within a few months we will go such viral that Radio and Media outlets will start covering us. Our message was strong and we were solving a major issue of socialising and staying healthy – so people started joining.


Now we are a big and expanded group with a good number of admins and hike guides with varying expertise like First Aiders, Hike Guides, Climbing Champions, Marathoners, Camping experts. Together we go out in the wild beauty of Australia and have fun and meet lots of new like minded people.


Come on board, leave the boring life and change your mind and body for the good.


President Sydhikers,

Tahir Rauf