Burramoko Ridge (Hanging Rock) Trail – Blue Mountains


Just to the northeast of Blackheath lies the Burramoko trail. This fire trail is relatively flat and visitors can choose to walk, run, or mountain bike out through crisp mountain air to the Baltzer Lookout at Hanging Rock.

From the lookout there is a faint path to scramble down where we will visit the Hanging Rock itself.

Be careful on the lookout as the sheer cliffs drop off a long way to the ground. Don’t take any risk on the edges. Please don’t stand anywhere near the edges, stay at least 20 meters away from the edges.

The 10km walk to Baltzer Lookout can be a bit monotonous but the views from the cliff edge at Hanging Rock that extend over the spectacular Grose Valley are some of the best in all of Blue Mountains National Park.

Please make sure you read Sydhikers Hike Disclaimer before you join the hike. Please don’t join the hike if you disagree any part of it or are not willing to read it.

Meetup Point

Please fill this car pool form, it will help us plan better

We will meet at the end of Ridgewell Road, Black heath where the gate is somewhere around here exactly at 7:00AM on 16th May, Sunday.

Public Transporters can get off at BlackHeath Train station and walk about 2KM to the CarPark which is the starting point.

We will start at 7:20 AM Sharp from the Car Park. We want to be able to reach at the Hanging rock before 9AM

Hike Plan

We will gather at the car park at the end of the Ridgewell Road and leave from there at 7:20AM sharp.

From there we will take the Burramoko Fire Trail and go to Baltzer Lookout and then Hanging Rock Lookout. After taking pics we will return back to the car park.

Whole hike will take around 3-3.5 hours including pictures and snacking breaks.

Be very careful on the hanging rock and other risky and exposed areas.

We don’t make a group of more than 8 people in Blue mountains. So if we get more than 8 we will divide to make groups of 8 and make sure each group is at least 1KM apart.

Special Notes

  • There are no toilets on the trail so make sure you do your business before the hike starts.
  • Bring enough food (fruits, energy bars, snacks etc) and at least 2 litre water per person.
  • Wear sturdy shoes as the rocks might be slippery.
  • Strictly no littering (organic or non organic), keep all your garbage with you and bring it back.
  • Respect Social Distancing.
  • Keep organizers informed if we need to detour or leave the group for some other hike.

Wear proper sturdy shoes as the rocks might be slippery and rough.

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