Curra-Moors Loop Hike Plan

Hike Plan

The 10km Curra Moors loop track cuts straight through the Royal National Park takes you through the awesomeness of the Coast Track between two waterfalls that flow into the epic sea.

7th February
Early MorningDeparture of cars will happen on individual basis, based on the travel time. We need to be at the Car Park before 7:00AM sharp.Fill Car Pool Form above
7:00 AMGather at the Curra Moors Car ParkSee plan picture below
7:15 AMQuick Hike Guide by Sydhikers Guides and Members’ Introduction
7:30 AMStart of the hike
10:00 AMDetour to Eagle Head Rock Lookout & Swim?Take your selfies đŸ™‚
12:00 PMArrive back to the Car Park
Head Home and have a big healthy brunch to treat yourself
Hike Plan

Gear & Other things to bring

  • Sturdy hiking shoes
  • Water (at least 2 liters if its a hot day)
  • Rain Ponchos if there is a rain forecast
  • Hat
  • Energy Bars or Fruits
  • Jokes and Stories

Skill Level


Although the track is relatively flat and straight but its a lengthy track so come prepared. Its a grade 4 walk so its not a super easy walk but also it does not require climbing so its still doable if you are new to hikes.

Distance Covered / Time Taken

10km if you stick to the track, but it’s difficult to resist a side trip along the Coast Track. 

It will take us around 4 to 4.5 hours including the breaks and if some of us opt for a quick swim

A Glimpse

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