Main Range Track – Kosciuszko National Park


Starting from Charolette Pass, this hike provides access to some of the best sights around the Kosciuszko National Park. Some of the features include reaching the peaks of two tallest peaks in Australia, looking down on some glacial lakes and crossing the famous Snowy River.

Hike Plan


Leaving at 4AM sharp

There are two groups. Groups 1 going on Friday who will meet us on Charolette pass on Saturday and the other group is doing Car Pooling and going in different cars from Sydney at 4AM sharp on Saturday.

First Coffee Break

All vans will meet at McDolands, Mittagong at 5:20AM. We will have a 15 minutes coffee / toilet break before departing again.

If you want brekkie, please do a take-away and eat in the car if possible, we are tight on time.

Second Toilet/Coles break at Cooma

10 minutes quick toilet / coles break at Cooma, Centennial Plaza at 8:45AM before we leave for our last stretch.

Reaching Charolette Pass

We will aim to reach Charolette Pass at 10:15AM. This is where we will re group, share our hike plan. Split in smaller groups as per Kosi National Park recommendation and get going. Each group will be provided a walkie talkie to stay in touch with other groups.

Last location with Serviced Toilet until next day around 10AM

Hike to Mount Townsend Camping Area

Its an experience level hike where we will cover around ~13 KM to reach Mount Townsend Campsite. We will aim to reach at campsite around 5:30PM.

Set up Camp, Dinner, Stories and Sleep

That is where we will split in smaller camping groups and make sure each group is set up at reasonable distance. This is where people will set up their camps, prepare and have their dinners, photography etc and then sleep.

Wake up at 5AM and Pack up

Make sure to sleep early to wake up early

  • Wake up at 5AM and have your quick breakfast (we prefer something that is pre-cooked and does not require heating as we will not lose time there)
  • Start packing up at 6AM and get ready for departure.
  • Leave the campsite at 7AM

Reach Charolette Pass

Reach Charolette Pass at 12:30 PM and depart before 1:00 PM.

Reach back home at ~7:30 PM

Individual Arrangements

Temperature might drop below zero so make sure you have adequate clothing.

Below is a list of things you need, things highlighted in RED are must, but please consider other things in this list as well while keeping an eye on your total weight. Your total weight should be less than 15 KG.

Bring at least 3 Litres of drinking water.

Thermal Clothing Mandatory.

Special Notes

  • Strictly no littering (organic or non organic), keep all your garbage with you and bring it back
  • Stay in your groups (groups will be assigned later)
  • Respect Social Distancing
  • Keep organizers informed if we need to detour or leave the group for some other hike

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